Walk of Remembrance

Tuesday, October 23, 10:00am - 11:00am

Meet At:

Laurelwood Park at SE Holgate and Foster

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By: Chris Rall
A walk on SE Foster Road and SE 82nd Avenue in which we will visit the sites of fatal and injury collisions. There will be a brief press conference at SE 80th and Foster at 11:00am, partway through the walk, and several walking distance options.

Starting on SE Foster and Holgate, we will walk SE on Foster to 80th passing some important pedestrian crossings for Arleta School students, and the site collisions at 70th that injured Gregory Thomas and killed Jason Lee Grant this year.

At SE Foster and 80th, the site of the fatal collision that took the lives of Lindsay Leonard and Jessica Finlay in 2009, we will hold a brief press conference to remember those lost on high crash corridors and call for funding to improve safety on high crash corridors. Participants with limited time or stamina can shuttle cars here before the walk, or simply walk directly back to the starting point from here.

After the press conference, the walk will continue to 82nd and proceed south to a crash site at Ramona where Blanche Knish was killed in 2006. We'll then double back N on 82nd toward Holgate passing fatal crash sites at Mitchell and Schiller. We will return to our starting point via Holgate. An optional additional leg to SE Foster and 54th, the site of a 2002 collision that took the lives of Meijing and Jin Lui will cap off the walk.

2 thoughts on “Walk of Remembrance

  1. Thanks to everyone who participated including Mayor Adams, Councilor-Elect Bob Stacey, Seth Richardson of FABA and Meticon Bikes, Steph, State Rep. Alyssa Keny Guyer, Nick Falbo of Foster United, Luke from Rose CDC and others.
    Here a video from the event that the Mayor’s office put together:

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